Small Steps

There are lots of small ways to help people in your community that cost next to nothing.  We try to do tasks go beyond common courtesy and good manners, which should be a given. We believe that small acts of kindness can change the world.

Here are some things one or both of us have done and would recommend:

  1. Spent 15 minutes picking up trash from the playground.
  2. Volunteered for a few hours at this soup kitchen in our neighborhood.
  3. Left a treat and thank you note for our mailman.
  4. Donated 30 pounds of Halloween candy to Ronald MacDonald house.
  5. Donated used clothes to this local thrift shop that helps people living with AIDS.
  6. Volunteered to take a photos for strangers trying to take pictures of themselves in Central Park. We want them to have fond memories of New York and New Yorkers!
  7. Brought treats to the neighborhood firefighters.
  8. Gave a few dollars to a street vendor who always feeds the hungry.
  9. Visited cancer patients at this inn set up by the American Cancer Society.
  10. Donated food to a food pantry.
  11. Visited the elderly at this local provider of older adult services.
  12. Donated school supplies to PS6, our local public school.
  13. Brought treats to Engine 22, our local fire station.
  14. Donated books to PS83, an underprivileged school in East Harlem
  15. Visited the visually impaired at Visions.
  16. Donating oil for seniors through Selfhelp Community Serives.
  17. Holiday toys and books donation for underprivileged kids, courtesy of Visiting Nurse Services of New York.
  18. Volunteered at a local animal shelter or sanctuary.
  19. Volunteered  at our local library
  20. Collected box tops for schools.  More info at boxtops4education.
  21. Brought treats to a sick friend