About us

When you hear the word philanthropist, you probably think of a wealthy person who donates large sums money to charitable organizations. But being a philanthropist, doesn’t require deep pockets. All that’s required is a love of humankind and a desire to improve the welfare of others.

We are students, so we don’t have much income.  But we do have a driving desire to make a difference in this world.  We have discovered a lot can be accomplished simply by incorporating kindness into everyday life. We have also come to realize that giving our time to help others has made a big difference in how we feel about ourselves.

We created this site to document some of the small ways all of us can make a difference.  We all have something to give. We encourage you to share your ideas and stories.  If we all do our part, imagine what can happen!


Jack Greff (age 12) and Andrew Greff (age 11)



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