Popcorn for Homeless

Today I was blessed to sit courtside at a Knicks game with my friend Emmett and his dad.  We had the opportunity to see the ‘Splash Bros’ (Steph Curry and Klay Thompson) drain some wet three-pointers at the Garden.

Towards the end of the game, a very polite security guard named Michelle, came up to us and saw that we were hungry. She informed us that they were giving out big boxes of free popcorn so we dashed over and grabbed all six of them. I was about to start wolfing the popcorn down when Emmett asked me, “Do you want to give these to the homeless people, who are less fortunate than us? We can eat at my house later on.”  I quickly responded, “Of course, that’s a great idea!”

emmettAfter we arrived back near his house, we approached homeless people as they stared at the boxes of popcorn we were holding. We offered them the popcorn boxes, which they took and started devouring. I could tell they were extremely grateful, because of their facial expressions and what they said. One homeless lady even said to us, “We need more children in the world like you.” That made us feel good. The picture you see is Emmett handing out popcorn.

This experience was another reminder that the best thing in life isn’t bought by money. The best feeling you can have is the feeling of when you help somebody who is less fortunate than you. Another lesson my friend and I learned is that what makes your day happy is whenever you can make someone else’s even happier.

–Andrew Greff

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