Brownies to Benefit Sick Kids

The only thing better than eating brownies is eating brownies to help sick kids.

My advisor/history teacher organized a bake sale to benefit the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital today. Here are some of my classmates setting up the bake sale.

If you’ve never heard of this hospital, it’s located in downtown New York and it treats children with serious illnesses. Hassenfeld is part of the big NYU Langone Hospital, a major teaching hospital in Manhattan.

If you ever need a reality check about your priorities in life, go visit the kids in one of these children’s hospitals.  The best cure for feeling down about a bad grade on a test is to visit terminally ill kids who may not live another year.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to spend months in a children’s hospital. But sadly, several kids at our school have had to do that for a variety of reasons, including cancer. One boy  a year younger than me never returned to school.

Andrew and I didn’t have to do much to support this cause.  Baking brownies isn’t much of a sacrifice or time commitment. And, truthfully, our mom paid for and picked up all the ingredients. Here’s what the batter in the pan looked like when we made it.


The bake sale was fun. We raised an impressive $770! It always feels good to eat sweets in the name of philanthropy.

Health is one thing Andrew and I try not to take for granted, especially because we are both athletes. We salute the staff at Hassenfeld and other hospitals who are giving up Thanksgiving meals with their families to care for sick people this year.

–Jack Greff

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