18.9 lbs of Candy for Sick Kids

My brother and I love trick-or-treating. We always celebrate Halloween with the same friends we’ve known since I was five and Andrew was four. In our city neighborhood, some streets close to cars on Halloween evening, which makes trick-or-treating easier and safer. Most businesses also give out candy.  We also go to our friend’s apartment building to trick-or-treat. file-nov-01-6-00-32-pm

I came back last night with exactly 19 pounds of candy. I know that’s correct because I weighed it on a scale. The candy was so heavy, I had to carry it in a sturdy duffel bag.

Honestly, I love candy as much as any other kid.  But I really don’t want to eat 19 pounds of it, even if it is spread out over many months. Our whole family has been trying to eat better, so my parents don’t want it hanging around either.

My brother and I decided to donate almost all of it to the sick kids at the Ronald McDonald house this year.  We are saving a few Reese’s peanut butter cups, Whoppers and Kit Kats.  But the remaining 18.9 pounds is getting donated to the organization.  Fortunately, there is a Ronald McDonald House a short walk from my school.

In case you have never heard of the Ronald McDonald House, it helps families stay near their sick child.  But if you don’t live near a Ronald McDonald chapter, this article can suggest some other ways to donate your candy, including giving it to troops overseas.  It can be difficult to find the right organization because each one has its own requirements. Some locations, for example, won’t take candy with nuts.

My brother and I believe the fun of Halloween is dressing up, trick-or-treating with friends, and snacking on candy all night long.  But trust me, giving away the candy to others who will enjoy it became a new fun tradition, too.


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  1. michelepmiller says:

    You will make sooooo many sick children smile….nice goin’ !


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