Box Tops Donation

It’s back to school time, so my brother Jack and I thought it was time to send in the box tops we have been collecting to his old elementary school.  Over the past year, my brother and I collected the box tops which you can see in the photograph.  They are found on the tops of cereal boxes and other products.  We don’t eat a lot of cereal, but our family does buy trash bags. So that’s where we got most of the box tops.

File Sep 05, 10 04 28 AM.jpeg

We weren’t exactly sure what the box tops do for schools, so we googled it.  Each box top is worth 10 cents. That’s not a lot.  We collected 30 box tops which is worth $3 for the school.

So, these box tops are better than nothing, but I was hoping they would be worth more.  I think we will keep doing them because they make me feel like I’m doing something for the community.  To me, it’s kind of like throwing money away when you see a box top in the trash.

If you want to learn more about the box top program click here.   I know that teachers spend a lot of money out of their own pockets every year. This article estimates teachers spend about $500 of their own money on school supplies every year. So maybe this will help in some small way.

–Andrew Greff









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