Volunteering at the Library

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been volunteering at our local community library, helping teach a craft program for younger kids. The program always fills up, which is why the instructors need extra help. Here I am outside the program room.



I am one of three teenagers who help approximately sixteen kids ages 6-11 with art projects like drawing on tee shirts and sea shells. I’m not the greatest artist, but I am good a helping kids think up ideas. My favorite part has been getting to know the kids, and learning about their interests. For example, one boy who is about six years old,  drew a tree with Batman, because  Batman is his favorite super hero. I forgot what it’s like to be a six year-old!

Here’s a photo from insided program room, which is pretty well stocked.


I think it’s great that the library can offer these summer art classes to kids for free. For some of the families in our community, summer camp is not an option because it is too expensive. So, it’s nice that our library can give kids an air-conditioned, creative activity, while their parents enjoy a short break. For me, it’s fun to connect with younger kids I probably wouldn’t get to know otherwise.  I also feel good giving back to the library, which is a center of our community.

–Jack Greff

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  1. Aaron Krause says:

    It’s awesome that you’d take the time to do this. I learned about your website from Temple Emanu-El during a recent Friday night service. By making this website, I know you’re inspiring me and hopefully others to find ways, however small, to better our world.


    1. Greff Family says:

      Thank you for your nice email! Please share any small good deeds you do. We are always looking for new ideas!


  2. Marilee says:

    That’s way the beestst answer so far!


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