Holiday Toy Donation

My school organized a holiday toy drive on behalf of the Children and Family Services of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.  The organization donates toys, arts & crafts, dolls, educational games, balls, and more to underprivileged children in New York City.

My family donated a number of items, including headphones, some children’s dvds, and a bunch of books.  We tried to pick out items that would appeal to boys and girls of a wide age range.File Dec 13, 1 01 50 PM

I was saddened to learn that 1.7 million people are living in poverty in New York as of the last census in 2012, according to This Daily News article.  That’s one out of every five New Yorkers!  The 21% rate here in New York compares to about 16% nationwide, so clearly there are many families in America struggling to afford holiday gifts this winter.

My brother and I felt good buying presents for strangers this week. It’s fun thinking about the kids reactions when they open up our presents. We hope we are able to brighten the days of parents that were worried they might have to choose between buying gifts for their kids or putting food on the table. We are also grateful to organizations like the Visiting Nurse Service of New York that coordinate these drives every year.



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