VISIONS of helping

Last Monday, I went to a place called VISIONS with my Temple youth group. VISIONS is an organization in New York that helps blind and visually impaired people lead independent lives. There are people often would not qualify for government services.

Our task was to decorate sweatshirts and Santa hats for people  who go to VISIONS. The project only took about 30-45 minutes and was really fun because there were a group of us having a good time together. But, I have to be honest,  I’m a little relieved my so-called hat “artwork”is for someone who is visually impaired, because it was pretty ugly.

I did do my best though, and I think that’s what matters.  I’m hoping the person who gets the hat will know it was made with the intention of brightening their day.

I also learned that even if there’s a community service activity that I wouldn’t necessarily select on my own, it can end up being fun when you do it with friends. I also kind of liked the idea that the hats we decorated were Santa Claus hats, and we are a Jewish youth group.  So, we showed that even though we are Jewish we want to help people of other faiths celebrate their holiday.





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