Thank you Suzanne Bell

My family has a Thanksgiving tradition. Every year we go to the Tastee Diner in Bethesda, Maryland with my grandparents.  We always go to this diner, because it’s where my mom used go when she was growing up.  Today, our waitress was Suzanne Bell. She volunteered to work today, so others who work there could enjoy their Thanksgiving with their families.

Suzanne told us she is a retiree who usually works at Tastee’s on Saturdays. She started working at Tastee’s in order to get some extra income so she could buy a home in Poolesville, Maryland.   Poolesville is about 45 minutes away from Bethesda, and there is another Tastee diner that is closer to her home. But she keeps working at the Bethesda location because she likes it.

My family is lucky that there are people like Suzanne who are willing to give up time they could be spending with their own families.  She told us she “loves all her customers,” and we really like her a lot, too.


–Jack Greff



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Greff Family says:

    You two boys are setting an example of what other young people can do to make our world a better place !


    1. Greff Family says:

      Thank you for your nice comments!


  2. Sanne says:

    Heck of a job there, it ablstuoely helps me out.


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