Thank You Teachers!

We come from a long line of bargain hunters. My mom and grandparents love to teach us how to stretch a dollar. So it was no surprise when we were at our corner drugstore, our mom stopped to rummage through the 75% off bin.

There were lots of schools supplies, like pens, pencils, glue sticks, dry erase pens, folders etc.  Since it’s November, the store is probably desperate to get rid of its extra back-to-school inventory. Nothing was priced over 30 cents!

Fortunately, my family has plenty of school supplies.  But my mom reminded me of an article we read a while back, which says

“Public school teachers spent $1.6 billion of their own money on classroom supplies and gear in the 2012-2013 school year…”

“All told, teachers spent $3.2 billion on classroom tools this school year, only half of which was funded for them.”

We decided that it would be nice to drop off the school supplies at our local public grammar school, which Jack used to attend. The two of us contributed a few dollars each, and my mom paid for the rest.

The lesson we learned is that even though we might not need something, there are others that do.  And when the price is as low as 9 cents, why not try to ease the burden of teachers who work so hard?

It was also nice for Jack to visit his old school and say a quick hello to the principal.

This good deed cost us only a few dollars.  And it took us about 5 minutes out of our way — to drop the bag off at the school. But we were grateful we could give back to a school that has given Jack (and others) an amazing education.

–Jack and Andrew Greff


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